Meet the Ginger

Welcome to The Gingered Whisk! These are tales of the adventures that happen in my kitchen, however messy they might be.

So who am I?

My name is Jenni.
I am a ginger, naturally!
I wear cowboy boots and pearls.
I’m addicted to cardigans, I seriously love them!
I like to play in the dirt and grow things. I know what a hard day’s work is all about and I am not afraid to get dirty to do it. At the end of the day I like to step back and look and say “Wow, look what I accomplished today!”
I always have my toenails painted, but can never keep my fingernails painted for more than 5 minutes. It just isn’t possible!
I love biology, chemistry, and history – I am a nerd and proud of it!! I would love to be an archeologist.
I love zombie movies!
If I have free time and am not in the kitchen, you can find me curled up somewhere reading a book. I love everything from non-fiction to science fiction (Check out My Inspiration Page for some good recommendations!)
I love my cast iron skillets and a good wooden spoon, although I am fairly fond of my KitchenAid, too.
I would have pancakes for dinner every night, if I could get away with it!

Our puppies were our children before we had children.
Peanut is too smart for his own good. He truly believes that he is a human, and wants to be treated as such. He cares for his toys like they are his babies.
Scout can always be found under a pile of blankets, so please watch where you sit. He is stubborn and shy, and loves to cuddle. He likes to steal Peanut’s toys and disembowel them. And he barks. At everything.

This is Ladybug, my darling helper. She loves to “help” Mama cook, and to empty all the cabinets of their contents. I love that I get to spend my days watching her grow!

My photos are what I like to call “real” – on my dishes, seconds away from being in my mouth. I am the world’s worst food stylist, and I know it. Haha

So this is me. This is the food that we actually eat, in the house that we actually eat it in, and the stories that go along with them. It isn’t fancy, but its mine, and I would like to share it with you!

I’m so glad you stopped by, and please come again! Please feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments, or just want to say Hi!

*All the photos, thoughts, and ideas on this site are the work of Jenni @ The Gingered Whisk,  unless otherwise noted, and they represent alot of my time, energy and hard work. Please do not use any photos or text from The Gingered Whisk without first contacting me at and receiving written permission. Thank you for understanding! 🙂

Your comments make my day!

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